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March Pose of the Month: Dolphin

Happy March everyone! March Pose of the Month is Dolphin Pose. 7-Dolphin_3796Calm your nervous system and restore a sense of balance and equanimity in your body and your mind. Enjoy this challenging pose and we look forward to seeing you on the mat!

• Stretches shoulders and upper back
• Lengthens hamstrings, calves, and arches
• Strengthens arms, legs, and core

• Align your wrists at the width of your shoulders
• Set your feet at the width of your hips
• Flatten your palms against the mat
• Drop the crown of your head and gaze between your heels

1. From Downward Dog, lower your forearms to the mat.
2. Squeeze your armpits toward each other.
3. Press your chest toward your legs.
4. Draw your thighs up and point your tailbone to the sky.
5. Relax your heels toward the mat.

You will experience Dolphin Pose in every Power Flow class this month. This program will help you learn and master the chosen asana.

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