Member Spotlight: Alberto Doria

Alberto Doria Pic 1Name:
Alberto Doria
: Tito
Day Job: Chiropractic Intern at Parker University, currently seeing patients 😉
How long have you have been practicing at YS? About half a year
What is your favorite YS workshop or class? Nicole’s class particularly Fridays!
Name one thing you consider yourself to be very good at: Sleeping, I should be a pro as I can sleep through anything, even alarms sometimes.
What’s the number one yoga pose you just love to practice? Crow pose, still working on it. Tree pose is a favorite one to practice at random places, like boats.Alberto Doria Pic 3
Why did you start practicing yoga? Vitality, detoxification, and awareness of my own body and how to control it with my mind.
Who inspires you the most and why? My wife Natalie, she is always striving to make herself a
better person and doctor. She challenges me to be the best version of myself, always loves me even during difficult times and her vibrant energy and focus is infectious.
What do you just love about YogaSport? I love the community, the teachers, the location, and of course the hot, sweaty hours of yoga.
What’s your guilty pleasure? I have a few; related to music, probably the Spice Girls or Hansen. (Oh the Nineties)
Furthest city traveled: I love to travel; the furtherest has been Tokyo, Japan
Alberto Doria Pic 2 I’m missing part of my brain, the area involved with coordination and balance oddly enough, due to excision of a brain tumor; so don’t laugh if I fall in some poses. J/k you can laugh!

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