Pose of the Month – Leapfrog Handstands

Are you ready to leap into the summer months with us? This month, you’ll practice hopping into handstand via playful and energizing leapfrogs. Leapfrogs build and strengthen the core muscles needed to enter and hold a powerful, controlled inversion. By the end of the month, you’ll be floating with considerably more ease… and dare we say having fun while you do it? Check out Angela and Kelly’s demo above to prep yourself for flight.

• Develops core strength required for handstand
• Strengthens thighs and calves

• Seal the inner edges of your feet together
• Bend your knees wide
• Press your palms flat into your mat
• Stack your shoulders over your wrists

1. From Downward Dog, step your feet together and walk halfway up your mat.
2. Stack your shoulders over your wrists.
3. Press the inner edges of your feet together.
4. Bend your knees out toward your arms.
5. Engage your core and exhale as you hop up.
6. Continue to press the inner edges of your feet together while you are in the air.
7. Repeat!

You will experience Leap Frog Handstands in every Power Flow class this month.  This program will help you learn and master the chosen asana.



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