Name: Joleen Ford

Nickname: JoJo, Jo

Day Job: Customer Support Associate for Northern White Sands

How long have you been practicing at YS? September 2016

What is your favorite YS workshop or class? Friday’s at 5:30pm always get my weekends off to a great start!

Name one thing you consider yourself to be very good at: Baking

What’s the number one yoga pose you just love to practice? Shavasana

Why did you start practicing yoga? I was looking for a new way to stay fit & bring more internal peace into my life.

Who inspires you the most and why? My mom & sister! Both are incredible women who have preserved through many struggles . They are my biggest support system and without them I am lost.

What do you just love about YogaSport? What is there not to love about YogaSport?! The staff, classes, assistants, lavi towels, incense, smiles, community; it’s all worth loving & the many reasons I keep coming back.

What’s your guilty pleasure? The State Fair of Texas

Furthest city traveled: Pisa, Italy

What is one thing we don’t know about you that would surprise us? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Richard Simmons!