Virtual Assistant Needed #joblove

YogaSport (YS) and Angela Wagner Coaching (AWC) are looking for a Virtual Assistant(VA) to join the Energy Exchange team. The Virtual Assistant will support a variety of interesting projects for the studio manager and owner, so a diverse skill-set and flexibility is a must.

The Energy Exchange (EE) is intended for YS students who want to be more involved with the community and feel led to help out our team, or who for whatever reason cannot allocate funds toward a regular yoga practice, the opportunity to practice with us in exchange for helping out around the studio.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT POSITION:  This position requires a 4-hour per week commitment for a minimum of 6 months in exchange for unlimited membership at the studio. Most duties can be done remotely from home, although occasional in-studio assignments may be given.  The schedule requires you to work 2 hours every Tuesday and 2 hours every Thursday. The exact schedule and times will be mutually agreed upon by the candidate and Angela. In exchange, the VA will receive an unlimited membership at YS and all membership benefits.

We consider our staff here at YS a family, and our environment thrives on those who are passionate about adding to the liveliness of the studio and team. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, here’s what you need to know.

Tasks Include (But Are Not Limited To):

  • Upload bi-weekly Podcast onto website
  • Run reports to analyze sales, attendance, and other data
  • Create spreadsheets
  • Research
  • Write marketing copy for events
  • Create and post social media campaigns/posts
  • Produce marketing materials for events
  • Write and post Podcast show notes
  • Monthly inventory at YS
  • Collaborate on a variety of other projects



  • Strong writing skills (please email us a few writing samples)
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs
  • Ability to navigate business management, website creation, and other software is a plus
  • Familiarity with social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Ability to maintain clear and frequent communication
  • Ability to consistently meet weekly deadlines

This position is a great opportunity to learn and get involved in fun and exciting projects.  To learn more and submit your interest…

  1. Apply here
  2. Email your at least two writing samples to yogasport@gmail.com

Cry Havoc Theater is Changing the World – One Production at a Time

Community is at the core YogaSport Dallas – it’s simply why we do what we do. The same can be said of Cry Havoc Theater and their Founder and Artistic Director, Mara Richards Bim. Babel, a documentary-style theatre production, will be premiering in July and tackles the often polarizing topic of gun violence in America. YogaSport will be a collection site for a shoe drive May 23rd through June 13th in conjunction with Babel and Cry Havoc Theater Company. For information about the shoe drive, click here.

We also had the opportunity to sit down with Mara and talk about why this production is needed and also why this conversation is so important in today’s America.

Why do you think it’s important for us to keep the conversation going about gun violence?

There are so many reasons but the biggest is that more Americans are killed by guns than AIDS, drug overdoses, war and terrorism combined. That statistic includes suicides by guns which a lot of people will say shouldn’t count in the overall gun deaths number because those people would have found a way to kill themselves regardless of access to guns. And, certainly some of them would. But, when you look at places like New York City that have strict gun control laws, you’d expect that if people don’t have access to guns, the suicide rate by other means would go up significantly. It doesn’t. There’s something about having a gun in a home that makes violence (domestic violence, suicide, school shootings) easier and more prevalent. When people are volatile, the damage by guns is irreversible.

What inspired you to present the topic in this way? Why with youth theater?

We are a youth theatre company that does provocative, challenging theatre. That’s what we do. I work with the teens to create original work on issues that resonate with them. I’ve found that when we present shows on contemporary topics, adults listen in a different kind of way. For a show like this, we’re doing what’s called documentary/verbatim theatre. We collect first-person interviews on a subject and present them word-for-word. Think about some of the words you’ve said on a hot-button topic coming out of the mouths teens. It’s powerful to sit in the audience and hear that. It’s shocking and it checks people in a way that they aren’t otherwise checked. The young people in our country are watching what we, as the adults, do and say. Our words and actions have an impact.

Do you think we all could ever really sit down, have a conversation and listen to each other about guns in America?

I don’t know. I hope so. Certainly, that’s the premise of this show. We are collecting all points of view and presenting them in a night of theatre. But, we also called this show Babel for a reason. In the Biblical story, the people banded together to build a tower to the heavens. And, when they got too close, God intervened, spread the people across the land giving them each a different language and creating mass chaos.

In American today, we can’t even agree on which words to use when talking about guns. While working on this project, I was lining up interviews with our Senators (Ted Cruz and John Cornyn). When I said I ran a youth company and we were creating a show about gun ownership in America, their staff corrected me and said “you mean second amendment rights”. On the flip side, most gun control advocates have come to realize that the phrase “gun control” goes nowhere. As long as we’re fighting over semantics, I’m not sure we can ever really get anywhere.

How did you become involved with theater?

I got into theater in middle school and continued it through high school. My parents initially wouldn’t support me doing it in college. But, after attending UNT for two years, they supported my transfer to NYU to study theatre. I’ve always done theatre. And, in my experience, theatre (like most art) can be revolutionary. That’s what keeps me going.

What have been the most challenging and also most rewarding aspects of bringing this project to life?

We’ve had the chance to travel the country and interview people from all walks of life. Few people can say they’ve sat inside a Senator’s office to interview him. Few have spoken with national figures on an issue. And, a few weeks ago we attended the NRA convention in Dallas to collect interviews. This whole process has been eyeopening. It’s also been really, really emotional and difficult. With each interview we get, I see how far we are from a solution to gun violence in this country.

For information about the production, click here.


Free Yoga For Graphic Design Skills

The Energy Exchange (EE) is intended for YS students who want to be more involved with the community and feel led to help out our team, or who for whatever reason cannot allocate funds toward a regular yoga practice, the opportunity to practice with us in exchange for helping out around the studio.

GRAPHIC DESIGN POSITION:  We are seeking a yogi with mad design skills. Requirements include proficient use of and ownership of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and PhotoShop. The YS graphic designer must be able to follow the YogaSport Branding Standard Guidelines.  Projects include producing campaigns for all workshops including print posters, email blasts, social media posts, and flyers.  Additional projects include website and social media graphics as well as studio signage and additional projects.

We consider our staff here at YS a family, and our environment thrives on those who are passionate about adding to the liveliness of the studio and team. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, here’s what you need to know:

  • Each week, you dedicate four hours of your time (from home) to producing pretty stuff and we give you lots of yoga and love.
  • Energy Exchangers are invited to practice with us at full membership status – which means you get ALL the perks! including free unlimited yoga, discounts on workshops, free guest passes, etc.
  • You will also get a 20% discount on select retail items at YS.
  • We require a minimum six-month commitment.

To Apply

  1. Email samples of your work to info@yogasportdallas.com
  2. Click the button below and fill out an application.

Join Us!



Have a question? Email info@yogasportdallas.com.

Hello Wellness Living!

Hey YogaSport Crew,WellnessLiving

We are super pumped to announce that we have recently switched software providers from MindBodyOnline (MBO) to WellnessLiving (WL). If you had a YS MBO account, you should have received an email from us on 2/2/17 requesting a password change.  Use your email to login, create a new password and voila,  you will have access to our cool new system.

What is this login for?
Your WL login gives you access to schedule classes online, buy passes and products in the online store, write reviews, and so much more.  Stay tuned for announcements on fancy new features we will be rolling out this year.

What about the YS mobile app?
Download the WellnessLiving Achieve App:

DownloaWellness Living Appd in the Apple App Store

Download in the Google Play Store

Once you have updated your password (see above), you can book classes and make purchases from the WellnessLiving Achieve app. The former YS app was part of our MBO system and is no longer available so delete it from your phone and get rid of your digital clutter!

How do I login from a computer?
Simply visit the WellnessLiving Login page and login with your email and new password.

We cannot tell you how excited we are to be making the change. You will see that this system is visually beautiful and incredibly user-friendly. Thank you for helping us make the switch and we look forward to an incredible, sweaty, and inspiring 2017 together!


Introducing YS Flair


We are so excited to announce another amazing program to honor you, our YS monthly members.  

Remember when…
Aqua Net was all the rage?
Parachute pants and sock rolls were fashion forward?
The closest thing to boy bands was Whitesnake and Guns N’ Roses?
Your jean jacket – filled with buttons (FLAIR!)- was your status symbol?

If you are too young to remember these things, then first puh-lease don’t let us know because it makes us feel old!  Trust us when we say, the 80’s was an especially unique decade. We are excited to embrace one of our favorite memories of living in the 1980’s. Why? Because we think some things should never go out of style. And because as adults, we don’t have many fun opportunities to get our well-earned gold stars!

How does this cool program work? You will earn a coveted YS flair button for each workshop and event you complete. Flaunt your hard earned flair on your yoga bag and be the coolest yogi around. If you haven’t already, pick up your member flair button at the front desk today.  Your future flair will be distributed at the end of each workshop. If you have questions, contact our fabulous manager nicole@yogasportdallas.com.


Membership Policies

Welcome to The YS Family! We are so very excited that you have joined the studio as an official member. Please read on for a detailed description of your membership terms. Here’s to many sweaty, fun and inspiring practices together.

Membership Terms
  • For regular memberships, you must be a member for a minimum of four months.
  • Warrior Members much be a member for a minimum of twelve months.
  • There are never any sign up fees.


Membership Cancellation Policy
  • You must be a member for a minimum of four months before a cancellation request can be processed.
  • Warrior Members, you must be a member for a minimum of twelve months before a cancellation request can be processed.
  • To cancel, we require a 30 days written notice emailed to yogaadvisor@gmail.com.
  • Once you cancel, you will be billed one final payment and will have until the next billing cycle to enjoy your yoga practice at YogaSport.


Membership Freeze Policy
  • To freeze your YS membership, you must email a written request to yogaadvisor@gmail.com.
  • YS memberships may be frozen for a maximum of two months.
  • Frozen memberships will be billed $10 each month to maintain the YS membership for up to two months.
  • After two months, the autopay will return to the regular monthly membership fee.
  • You must request a freeze at least five days prior to the billing cycle you would like frozen. We cannot prorate freezes.
  • Freezes cannot not be applied to any prior payments.

Groupon/Living Social: What You Need to Know

Welcome, we are so glad you are joining us!

Your voucher allows you to visit our studio as much as you like during your 30-day redemption period (not valid for workshops or our Beginner Series). Your consecutive 30-day pass will activate on the day you take your first yoga class with us.

Here’s some helpful info about our studio: YogaSport FAQ.  And here is some info on Who We Are.

How to redeem your Voucher:

  1. Set up your account and redeem your voucher here. Go here for instructions on how to setup an account and redeem your voucher online (the instructions say Groupon but this also works for Living Social).
  2. Bring a yoga mat, large towel and water each time you practice. We have rental mats available for $2, small towels for $1 and large towels for $3. We also sell water if you need to hydrate. Please bring cash for small purchases.
  3. Wear breathable, comfortable workout clothing. Baggy pants and shirts are not recommended. We practice in a 90-degree room so dress to sweat!
  4. Arrive at the studio about 15 minutes before the start of class. Allow extra time for traffic and parking. There is ample parking in the two-level garage below our building. Turn onto Douglas street off of Lemmon Ave and take your first right directly behind our building. You will see the entrance to the garage there.
  5. If you are new to power yoga, all of our classes except Saturday 9am Empower Flow (which is level 2-3) are all-levels. Let the instructor know that you are new and set up in the back/middle of the room. We will take care of you!
  6. Many people ask, how hot is “heated?” We heat the room to 90 degrees with 55-65% humidity and practice on a hardwood floor.
  7. Additional Questions? Email us at info@yogasportdallas.com.

We look forward to meeting you. Get ready for an adventure that will tone your body, relax your mind and lift your spirit!

24 Day Wellness Challenge

  • Cleanse, heal and transform your body inside and outAdvocare-24-day-challenge-
  • Available for in-studio pick up or mailed to your door

Get a clean, toxin-free start to the season. Join the YS Community in a 24-Day AdvoCare challenge that will jump start your journey to a healthy (or healthier) lifestyle. Shed the yucky toxins your body has accumulated during the winter. Gain energy, enhance wellness and drop excess weight. We’ll help you along the way with recipes, support and encouragement! The challenge consists of two phases – the Cleanse Phase and Max Phase. Bundles include all products listed below, which are to be supplemented with a pure and healthful diet.

Days 1-10: Cleanse Phase
With Herbal Cleanse, you cleanse your body of toxins and prepare your body for optimal nutrient absorption. A combination of probiotics, fiber drinks and herbal cleanse tablets. OmegaPlex is a highly pure blend of essential omega-3 fatty acids and Spark Energy Drink is your source of energy with 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients. With just 45 calories in each serving, it is a sugar-free choice for long-lasting energy and mental focus.

Days 11-24: Max Phase
Metabolic Nutrition Systems (MNS
) are vitamins for increased energy and/or appetite control that contain ingredients to help fight cravings, boost energy and combat sluggishness. Build muscle and lose fat with a Meal Replacement Shake which provides complete nutrition with a combo of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Keep enjoying Spark!

TO PURCHASE: This cleanse can be started on your own schedule and is $190 for the bundle. Your challenge can be purchased online and either picked up in the studio or mailed to you. For in studio pickup, purchase on the YS website here and be sure to select pickup in the studio for the mailing option.  For mailing to your door, purchase on the AdvoCare website here.

“For me, the 24-Day Challenge was a surprise. I was surprised by my ability to commit to it and persevere through it, but most of all I was surprised by the results. By the end of the Challenge, I managed to kick a morning coffee (with cream and sugar) habit and lost a near-constant craving for sweets and pastries. I slept better and was able to practice yoga with more grace. Those days have made a lasting difference in my health.”Samantha Mabry, YS Instructor

Art of Assisting FAQ

Written by YogaSport Assistant Jenny Mizutowiczangela_erinh

So you’re thinking about being an assistant, or taking the weekend training, huh? While many of you can’t wait to get your hands on assisting (no pun intended), some of you may have hesitations about what is expected of you, the experience required and what comes after the Art of Assisting workshop. As someone who has attended the workshop, completed the Teacher Assistant Program (TAP) and is part of the assisting team at YogaSport, I encourage you to put your hesitations aside and give it a shot. Here are some FAQs we’ve been hearing around the studio.

1. When is the training and what does it include?  The Art of Assisting workshop is Friday, April 19 – Sunday, April 21. The weekend-long workshop will introduce you to assisting by explaining key anatomy and alignment, demonstrating assists for postures included in the Baptiste Power Vinyasa sequence, and allowing you to gain experience by practicing the assists yourself. A comprehensive assisting manual is included with the training and we highly recommend reading and owning Journey into Power as well.

If you enjoy the workshop and feel that assisting is something you’d like to pursue, you have the option to apply for the TAP program at YogaSport to join the team of assistants.

2. Do I have to be “really good” at yoga to be an assistant? No! There is no ego in assisting. To illustrate this answer, come watch me in a yoga class. It will give you solace, as I am not a super awesome yogi. Assisting is more about understanding alignment and empowering students to grow in their practice rather than being “good” at yoga. In fact, assisting will likely give you a better feel for yoga alignment, thereby improving your own practice.

3. If I take the Art of Assisting workshop, do I have to commit to assisting? No, YogaSport does not own your soul after the workshop. 🙂

4. If I decide that I DO in fact want to be in assistant, what is the process like after the workshop? How long does it take? The weekend workshop will provide you with a basic overview of assists as well as resources to study. The Phase 2 Program begins with a minimum of five one-on-one assists with fellow assistants. You will need to complete at least one of these a week although some people choose to do two to three a week so they complete the training faster. A one-on-one assist is what you see going on in the back corner of class every now and then when one person is assisting another in a class. Once you complete your one-one-ones and are cleared by an assistant Team Lead, you assist Angela, the “gatekeeper”.

5. What are the benefits of assisting? Besides feeling really awesome and sharing, you do get a few extra benefits when you are an assistant at YS. You get a membership discount, 20% off retail products, discount on Level 2 Empowered Advanced Assisting (will be offered this fall!)

6. What is my commitment once I become an assistant?  You will commit to one regular class on the schedule (two if you like!). We ask for a minimum commitment of six months but honestly most of our assistants stay for much longer. We have had some people assisting for over three years!  Also, you will assist one night of a beginner series class for each series that we have which is usually about 4-6 times a year.  We also have occasional meetings and trainings which always involve laughter, sharing and usually cupcakes and champagne.  The essentials to any good training.

7. Why do you assist? Assisting yoga is an act of giving. The feeling you get when a student makes an “Aha!” expression after being guided into the correct alignment or smiles and sighs upon receiving a back rub is extremely rewarding. I assist because I enjoy helping students grow in their practice and because it’s my way of giving back to the assistants who empowered me in my practice the past few years. Not to mention, it’s an honor to be part of this team of bad-ass yogis at YogaSport!

And if you don’t believe me, we asked other YS Assistants why they assist. Here’s what they had to say…

“You get to interact with people in a completely selfless way, with no regard for yourself really but with total regard for them. The feeling you will get from helping students through this experience, especially if they are newer and struggling, is immeasurable.”- Christopher, current YS Assistant

“Assisting allowed me to share my love of yoga with others and helped me become so much more aware of how I could deepen my practice in a way that was safe for my body.” – Shannah, current YS Teacher, assisted for over 3 years

“I love(d) assisting because I love being assisted and love the idea of offering that to someone else… Also because it gets me all the way out of my own headspace in service to others in a way that even being on my own mat doesn’t.” – Shannon, current YS Teacher, assisted for 2 years

“I love that our assistants have the intuitive capability to guide us into the fullest expression of our poses. I assisted because I enjoy helping others and wanted to give back any and every bit that I could.” – Morgan, current YS Teacher, assisted for 1.5 years

“The main thing I love about assisting is staying connected to the community.” – Whitney Yelm, current YS Assistant

“I started assisting because I loved the feeling of connecting with other yogis and helping them to grow and enhance their practice. But what I found was that, at the same time, I was also becoming more connected with myself and growing and enhancing my own practice as well. And it’s fun!” – Evelyn Roland, current YS Assistant


Baron Baptiste Master Class Slideshow

If you’ve been waiting anxiously for more photos from the Baron Baptiste Master Class at YogaSport, then wait no longer! Check out the fantastic slideshow from our photographer Anja Schlein and try to catch a peek of yourself or your favorite YSC pals. What an awesome night!