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Hey yogis!

As many of you know, I’m embarking on a great adventure starting this Saturday (3/31). I’ll be attempting to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail, which is a continuous trail that goes from the Mexican border to the Canadian border through California, Oregon, and Washington.

I’m sad to be leaving Dallas for such a long time (the hike should take me about 5.5 months), and one of the main things I’m going to miss is the awesome community of YogaSport. I want to thank you guys for coming to my classes, smiling at me through the sweat, laughing at my weird jokes, and being so supportive and encouraging during my entire time practicing, assisting, and teaching at the studio.

But, have no fear! I will be back. And I can’t wait to see all of you when I am.

Do you want to follow along with my adventure? A lot of you have asked me how you can keep up with me on my hike. I am a writer and will continue to write on the trail and post to my blog whenever I emerge from the woods long enough to get Wi-Fi.

My blog is called Very Serious. The best way to get updates is to sign up for the email newsletter, which you can do by going to the site and scrolling down to the bottom to put in your name and email. You can also follow me on Instagram @ohreallymow.

I will also be a regular contributor to the podcast, Backpacker Radio. They’ve selected me as one of their 2018 PCT Trail Correspondents, so I’ll be on the show every couple weeks or so with audio updates, snippets, and interviews from the trail. Subscribe to the podcast if you’re interested in hearing from me and other long-distance hikers on the PCT, Appalachian Trail, and Continental Divide Trails.

Also, feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or just want to say hey! I’d love to hear from any of you. My email address is sarahcmowery@gmail.com.

Thanks for being you, and see you all when I get back!


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Courtney Whiteside Bio

Courtney tried yoga for the first time in March of 2015. What she loved most was that yoga allowed and forced her to just “BE HERE” with her mat, her sweat, her body, her mind …. her being. It gave her a major a-ha moment! Although she died 24 times during her first class at Yoga Sport she couldn’t wait to get back on the mat, again. Little did she know, that moment would plant a seed, a new intention and vision for her life moving forward. She is excited to be joining the team and to spend more time on the mat.
Courtney has a B.A in Organizational Communications for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She works in the Performing Arts as a Sales and Marketing Manager in the Arts District.

Vinitza Solis Bio

Vinitza was never a yoga fan until August 2016 when she began her yoga practice at YS.

After applying to the Energy Exchange program in an attempt to twist her own arm into yoga, she quickly discovered how much her body loved this new exercise. Within a few weeks of practice, she began to notice just how much more flexible she had become, and the most exciting part, how multiple aches and pains from previous injuries were starting to diminish. Yoga has now become an excellent supplement to support her activity in other sports of varying intensity.

Vinitza graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Fashion Design, and also attained an Associate Degree of Arts plus a Graphic Design Certification.


Becky Escher Bio

Becky began practicing yoga in college, and a few years after moving to Dallas found YogaSport to be a welcoming, no nonsense studio where she joyfully felt both challenged and accepted. She practiced there for a few months before taking a brief hiatus due to a hiking injury. One day near the end of her recovery, she received an email about the open graphic design EE position and she knew it was time to get back on the mat! She was elated at the idea of purposefully offering her talents and practice to help YogaSport grow creatively.

Becky holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from St. Edward’s University and enjoys freelancing for friends, local companies and weddings when she’s not at her day job. Originally from Fort Worth, Becky has lived in Dallas since 2013 and loves every minute of it and has gratefully found her yoga home base at YogaSport.

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Dani Veeder Bio

This year Dani checked off teacher training from her bucket list with no expectations of the outcome and had no idea the affects it would bring to her life.

Dani’s yoga journey began in yoga classes at a fitness gym downtown as nothing more than an escape from her workout regimen. It came physically natural for her, having a background in collegiate competitive cheer and fitness. She enjoyed the fundamentals the two shared; flexibility, balance, core, the challenge, and using nothing but body weight to stay healthy.

She discovered the YSYS 200hr TT program on social media, “right place at the right time” kind of thing. YogaSport has enlightened Dani to discover new elements about yoga and of course how to give a killer workout.

“Throughout my journey, yoga has brought peace into my life. I have accepted that I am who, what, and where I am because of my life experiences. There are many fundamentals for life that I have learned through the tools YS teacher training gave me. Yoga is not just a workout. As cheesy as it sounds; it continues to stretch and strengthen me physically and mentally. It allows me to escape from everyday life. From my mind. It has taught me how to not think about the past or the future and view life in the now. It has brought me closer to me.”

Her goal is to share her journey and help others discover and begin theirs.

Her journey has only just begun.

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Sarah Mowery Bio

Sarah began her yoga practice in June of 2015. A month out of college and a few weeks into her first full-time job, Sarah was struggling to find meaning and fulfillment in life now that there was no pre-defined path. She knew she needed something to make the situation a little less depressing and, after having taken a class here and there during college, thought that yoga might be a good place to start. And so, by way of Yelp, the Universe led her to YogaSport. After one class there, she knew she’d found something special… Her place.

The simultaneously athletic and meditative nature of the practice immediately made a difference in Sarah’s day-to-day life and happiness, and she saw this fun, supportive community all around her that she wanted to be a part of in every way. Sarah completed her YS 200-hour Teacher Training in April of 2016 with a totally different outlook on life than she’d had when she first stepped into the studio just 10 months earlier. For Sarah, yoga is a practice in being present; being aware of the good and the not so good, but appreciating both for what they are; and gaining the perspective necessary to deal when life feels like a big confusing mess.

Sarah is passionate about holistic mental and physical wellness and hopes to share her love of yoga with as many people as possible through assisting and teaching. She is also a proud Arkansan and lifelong Arkansas Razorbacks fan.

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Katie Schech Bio

Katie began her first yoga practice during her senior year of college at a local studio in Baton Rouge. As she began working full time, she found it difficult to keep that practice up. Over the years, through various career changes and a move back to the DFW area, she found herself practicing when ever she could squeeze it in. She has always considered yoga to be the perfect balance of exercise and emotional betterment. Coming back to yoga in times of stress and struggle has always been a calming journey towards peace for Katie.
Katie moved to Dallas in 2015 and, with the help of a friend’s suggestion and a Groupon, found herself at YogaSport within a month. She fell in love with the YS community on that first day. Katie jumped at the opportunity to get involved and learn more about the Baptiste practice. It wasn’t long before she signed up for level one assisting. The process of becoming an assistant has been a challenging yet empowering one.

Katie holds a Sociology degree from Louisiana State University and a Masters in Criminal Justice from University of Texas at Arlington. Katie is currently working as a relative adoption worker at Child Protective Services.


Lauren Cathey Bio

Lauren was always skeptical of trying yoga.  She couldn’t relate to the “yoga” stereotypes she thought she knew.  Having a background in dancing, the idea of staying on one mat for the entire length of a workout seemed limiting and she couldn’t quite grasp how yoga could be exercise.  However, after struggling to get back to normal workouts after an extensive ankle surgery and starting to feel and see the negative effects of sitting at a desk day in and day out, she decided it might be worth exploring this activity she had heard was so beneficial.

After trying a couple different studios, Lauren started to understand the benefits that yoga offered and worked through the hesitations she originally had about yoga.  Staying on the mat wasn’t limiting at all and practicing yoga actually tapped into some of the aspects of dance that Lauren used to love.  Practicing on the mat allowed you to see your own progress and offered a nice moment of pause in what had turned into a very busy schedule.  One day a friend suggested taking YogaSport’s Free Day of Yoga class.  Lauren loved the atmosphere of the studio and could tell there was a real sense of community there.  Unfortunately, life continued to get more hectic and she fell into old habits of not making time for working out.

The busy day-to-day started to wear on Lauren and she finally decided to commit to making time for herself and she signed up for the Teacher Training program at YogaSport and completed the 200 Hour YSYS Certification.  Through that program she found an even greater sense of community, support and happiness that she had been missing.  As a result she decided to pursue the Assistant Program as well, finding it to be incredibly rewarding and fun to keep using all that she had learned in Teacher Training and help others in the process.  Lauren has found that committing to making yoga part of her regular routine is necessary for her body, mind, and spirit.

She we’ll keep reminding herself that benefits on the mat and in the studio far exceed the physical aspects of the practice.  Being on the mat isn’t limiting at all, it is really an open space for continued growth.

Lauren has a B.S. in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting from Trinity University.  She currently works as an Associate in Operations for an Investment bank.

Renee Adams Bio

Renee first discovered Yoga in 2004 at Verizon where she worked in Marketing.  She found YogaSport where she started the 40 Days to a Personal revolution in January of 2007.  Renee was attracted to the YogaSport due to the athletic nature of the Baptiste practice.  She has studied and taught the mental practices of concentration and meditation to YogaSport and within the Dallas community since 2012.  She did the 200 Yoga Teacher training in spring of 2015. She is passionate about helping and inspiring others. She currently works as Director of Loyalty Marketing at La Quinta Inns and Suites.

Cynthia Gonzalez Bio

Cynthia is a born and raised Texan. She took her first yoga class back in 2003 and has been floating in and out of yoga since. She was invited by a friend to try hot yoga for the first time in 2009 and fell in love. Even though she’s not usually a fan of sweating and heat, her body felt alive! She practiced for a year and a half before taking a break. She has taken a few classes since till she happened to stumble upon YogaSport after having dinner with her friends at Gloria’s and the rest is history! She’s been a member of YS since July 2015.

In her spare time you will find her traveling, volunteering, spending time with her friends & family, going to concerts and practicing yoga of course. Cynthia currently works as an Events & Logistics Coordinator for the non-profit organization NSHMBA (National Society of Hispanics MBAs).