You Smell Like Pumpkin Pie!

Those sales at Bath and Body Works are hard to pass up. You just took advantage of the buy 10, get 11 free deal and stocked up on all those fun scents. Or, you just got talked into a crazy expense cologne by the gal at Neiman’s because it was a “worthy investment”. Good smells are hard to pass up, but when it comes to the yoga studio, leave the caps on those bottles at home.

YogaSport keeps a fragrance-free zone during our classes. Our yogis have a wide variety of allergies and sensitivities to scents, so this is the best way to maintain an open environment for all. This not only includes perfumes and colognes, but also scented lotions, hair products, and under arm products. Our studio is warm, so even small amounts of fragrance will heighten in the space, leaving some yogis with a pesky headache. So when in doubt, scrub and wash any potential scents off before entering the studio. Not only do we thank you for following the guidelines, your fellow yogis thank you too!

But also, make sure to take care of you! We have baby wipes in the Zen Den to help you wipe your feet when they are on the nasty side. And, coming to yoga fresh and clean helps avoid weird smells in the room.  Again, the warmth of the studio can heighten just about any scent, that includes the ones from our body.



And of course, there is your yoga gear itself. I just finished deep cleaning our studio rental mats, and they were in need of some TLC. The same goes for the mat you are using on the regular. Even if you are wiping it down after every class, it’s going to slowly pick up the odor of all your hard work. So, take that mat home every now and then and do a good deep clean with soap and water. Vinegar is also a wonder in getting out bad odors, and it can be used to clean your mat along with your yoga clothes. Pop your sweaty clothes in the dryer along with some vinegar, and you’ll be amazed how fresh they come out.



Some smells are natural and you’ll discover them in our Aromatherapy Flow. These special classes mix our regular power flow class with essential oils from doTERRA. It’s a great way to learn about healthy, natural oils and how they can improve your daily life. And of course, all our classes end with a scented towel. The towels are infused with doTERRA oils that help cool you down, like Lavender, Eucalyptus and Wild Orange. It’s a great final treat after a great flow.

Here’s to happy yogis and happy noses!


Being Present On and Off The Mat

By YS Assistant, Twyla McCarthy

Many if not all of us have had one of those days. As much as we plan ahead, the universe seems to have a different plan. Take for example, one of those days that are perfectly scheduled to a tee. The lunch is packed, and appointments are made. When you look at your calendar, you just hope to be able to pull it off. There are appointments booked back to back all day, an interview, and yoga classes to teach.

Of course obstacles come up such as a nail in your tire, or a rescheduled interview. When these kinds of situations arise during a perfectly scheduled day it’s really challenging not to get extremely agitated and panicked. What is important to remember when these situations arise is to stay present.

Baron Baptiste talks about presence in his book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution. He says, “My ego screams out that there is so much to do, but I’ve learned that saying present in anything is a practice. As often as I forget and get distracted, I must remember and simply begin again.”

Beginning again can happen for you at any moment you choose: stressful situations, traffic, or even on your mat while practicing yoga. Calm, presence, and breath can be applied when situations arise in life. It is a choice to be present in the situation or pose that is happening right now. Instead of fighting what is happening, ease into it with breath, and everything will fall into place.

After recalling Baron’s words, I approached my hectic day with the calm centeredness that I learned in yoga. It worked! It was easier to tackle any bumps with a sense of ease. Presence works when dealing with schedules, work, and people. Presence works everywhere!

No matter how perfectly we plan, there is always an instance where we need to breathe and channel all of those hours spent on the mat instead of yelling at traffic, or being agitated. Practicing the asana life brings us while practicing presence allows us to start again if we need to. If our eyes and ears are open, the windows of opportunity will open around us. Yoga is a practice that unfolds when we need it. We just need to be conscious of it. Eckhart Tolle says in Meditations from the Mat, “You can’t think about presence, and the mind can’t understand it. Understanding presence is being present.” By learning to stand in power and breathe, we are able to use presence in day-to-day life. Yoga isn’t necessarily about being this enlightened being and quoting all of the masters; yoga is about using what you learn in class and bringing it into your life.