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January Pose of the Month: Peter Pan Abs

We know Peter Pan’s real secret to eternal youth… a strong, tight core! That’s why July’s Pose of the Month is Peter Pan Abs. This month, your YogaSport instructors and assistants will help you focus in on your abdominal muscles and learn how to access the deep layers that support a healthy spine and body.

• Strengthens the upper, lower, and transverse (deep) abdominals

• Hold your straightened leg at a 45 degree angle from the earth.
• Align the inner edge of your foot against the inner calf of your opposite leg.
• Point your bent knee directly toward your face.
• Activate your toes and feet in a demi-point.

1. Lie on your back and lift your feet directly up to the sky above.
2. Lower your left leg to 45 degrees.
3. Bend your right knee toward your face and place the inner edge of your right foot against your left calf.
4. Extend your fingers in the direction of your left foot and peel your shoulders off the mat.
5. Exhale strongly as you tighten your abs and reach for your toes.
6. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…. You get the idea!
7. Switch your legs and complete an equal number of repetitions with your right leg extended.

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December Pose of the Month: Seated Meditation

The pose of the month for December is: Seated Meditation. Even for many practiced yogis, sitting silently in meditation can be overwhelming, intimidating, and… well, just plain hard! We are so used to doing in order to achieve the goals we want for ourselves that “just sitting” can seem counter productive and, quite frankly, a waste of time. On the contrary, the benefits of a regular meditation practice are sung far and wide by not only yogis, but doctors, psychologists, and scientists as well. Studies show that as little as five minutes of meditation a day can lead to physical and chemical changes in the brain associated with relaxation and positive mood.

During the month of December, your YogaSport instructors will guide you into some helpful exercises to get you started and then allow a few minutes of space for you to get your meditation on. With a little practice, you’ll be totally zen just in time for the holidays!

• Calms and focuses the mind
• Slows emotional reactivity
• Creates clarity and awakens intuition
• Develops a mind-body connection

• Seated and alert
• Spine straight and tall
• Heart open and receptive
• Internal focus and gaze

STEP BY STEP (one of many variations):
1. Set a timer for your desired length of uninterrupted meditation.
2. Take a comfortable seated posture that is both alert and receptive.
3. Bring your hands to your heart or another mudra of your choice.
4. Close down your eyes and turn your gaze to your third eye center.
5. Become aware of each inhale and exhale. Release all other thoughts.
6. Notice thoughts as they arise, but let them go without judgment.
7. Stay. Trust your timer.

You will experience Seated Meditation in every Power Flow class this month.

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30 Day Fall Reboot 2018

30 Day Fall Reboot

Starts October 1, 2018 – Purchase by September 25

Did the summer heat completely zap your energy and all of your good habits? Are you pounding loads of sweet and salty snacks and enjoying a bit too many adult beverages and lattes? You might have stopped practicing yoga, going to the gym, eating and cooking fresh foods, and/or taking your vitamins. We completely understand because WE DID TOO! Summer is a fun time to let loose and enjoy life, but it’s important to get back to taking care of yourself.

Boost your energy and mood, reclaim (or develop) your kica** habits, and meet some incredibly fun people along the way. Plus, you don’t even have to live in Dallas. Everything you need is shipped to your door and all of our meetings are on Facebook or Zoom. So, invite your friends and family to join us because the more, the merrier.

Tell Me More

Yes, we would love to. Here is the Magic that can happen if you commit to yourself for 30 days.

Removal of Acid Waste (cause YUCK!): Acid waste often leads to inflammation, congestion, and poor digestion.

Immune System Support: The cleanse will unclog your digestive system, creating less acid and providing a more base/alkaline state for your body.

Reduction of Toxic Load: You’ll be able to digest food easier, absorb the nutrients your body needs, and also dispose and eliminate the extras properly. Angela is obsessed with this subject and has extensive knowledge that she can share in the Facebook group and calls!

If you experience seasonal respiratory issues, struggle with digestive issues, feel fatigued or lethargic, struggle with weight management, have a regular issue of tossing and turning all night, suffer from skin concerns, have hormonal imbalances, have unexpected changes in mood, or any similar challenges . . . this is definitely the right program for you.

Through this process, your gut will be strengthened by adding all the good bacteria your body needs. You will be able to identify the foods that could be causing many of your issues. Your immune system will be gaining support to help you be a more balanced and energetic you!

Benefits (The Real Stuff)

Improved Digestion = rebuild your gut, release bloating, and lose weight

A Sharper Mind = more clarity and the ability to do Jedi mind tricks

More Energy = no more missing out because you are too exhausted

Improved Sleep = you will be nicer to everyone you meet

Hormone Support = decreased cramps and moodiness

Balanced Emotions & Moods = appropriate reactions to life and SPCA commercials

Fewer Cravings = Cheez-Its and Gummy Bears addictions may disappear

Better Self Care = learn how to create actual “me time” that feels good

Community & Support = meet cool people who will cheer you on

Your Success Toolbox

  • Fresh, Real, Organic Food – during the 30 days, focus on eating clean, pure and fresh food with minimal fats. Your commitment to super clean eating will help rejuvenate and cleanse your digestive system while aiding in the removal of toxins that may contribute to fatigue and weight gain.
  • doTERRA’s Cleanse & Restore Kit – The 30-day kit includes the supplements you need to help detox and restore your gut. If you dig shakes as snacks or meal replacements, you can add those on to your order.
  • Our Buddy System – We invite you to take advantage of the accountability system built within the program. There are three educational conference calls throughout the program as well as a Facebook group that will help you stay connected and on track throughout the 30 days. Research shows we are more successful when we have accountability and support. And, it’s way more fun.
  • Essential Oils – Essential oils are a game changer for your health and wellness routine. Using them during the 30 days and beyond will help your mood, keep you motivated, give you energy, and more. We will teach you about the oils throughout the program so if you are new to doTERRA, purchase a few add-ons or e-mail Angela Wanger at yogasport@gmail.com for a free oils chat. She can help you choose the oils that are right for you.


Your Reboot Package Includes

  • doTERRA Cleanse and Restore Kit
  • One Year Wholesale Membership to doTERRA
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group (includes Education, Q&A, Peer Support, etc.)
  • Kickoff Workshop on Tuesday, September 25th from 7:30 – 8:30 pm CST (Live at YogaSport Dallas or on Zoom). This workshop includes information on how to cleanse, what to eat, what not to eat, and so much more on leading you to a successful journey.
  • Coaching Call on Monday, October 8th at 8 pm CST (Live on Zoom)
  • Coaching Call on Monday, October 22nd at 8 pm CST (Live on Zoom)

Your Investment = $245 + tax/shipping to your door

**New doTERRA clients get 20% off their kit (pay only $196) through doTERRA’s September 2018 special**

Recommended Add-Ons

Use the add-on product links for information only. Follow the directions below on how to purchase through your own wholesale account (it is free and saves you 25%)

How to Purchase and Register

  1. Click the button below to purchase the Cleanse & Restore Enrollment Kit.
  2. Choose Become a Member + Wholesale Customer + be sure Angela Wagner is listed as your Wellness Advocate.
  3. Don’t forget to purchase any add-on items.
  4. Purchase by Sept. 24 to guarantee delivery for our Oct. 1 start.
  5. Email your receipt and your Facebook profile link to jonathan@yogasportdallas.com

If you are a current doTERRA customer under Angela Wagner (The Oil Maniacs Team)

  1. Purchase the Cleanse & Restore Kit from your doTERRA account
  2. Email your receipt and your Facebook profile link to jonathan@yogasportdallas.com
  3. If you are a doTERRA customer NOT under Angela or you aren’t sure what team you are on, email Angela at yogasport@gmail.com and she will help you out
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September Pose of the Month: Half Moon

Double Pigeon has flown away and given Pose of the Month status to Half Moon! September’s Pose of the Month is Half Moon (ardha chandrasana). This month your YogaSport Instructors will guide you into this posture to help build strength, balance and focus!

• Strengthens ankles, thighs, abdomen and spine
• Improves coordination and balance

• Create a straight line from your bottom hand to your top hand
• Straighten your legs
• Press your back foot to the back of the room


1. From forward fold, extend your right leg to the back of the room.
2. Tighten your left thigh.
3. Plant your left hand a foot in front of your left baby toe.
4. Place your right hand on your right hip and gently rotate your hip open.
5. Squeeze your right thigh.
6. Extend your right hand to the ceiling.

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August Pose of the Month: Double Pigeon

Our August Pose of the Month is one with many names . . . box pose, firelog pose, yes, even dwa pada raja kapotasana (whew, what a mouthful!). But it is best known by the name double pigeon. This is a pose that may send cyclists, runners, and other tight hipped yogis running for cover. But don’t be afraid! During the month of August, your YogaSport instructors will help you ease into a kinder, gentler double pigeon. Outside of the studio, this month is a great time to practice folding into tight spots and easing into uncomfortable situations that you confront in your daily life. Before you know it, you may just find yourself experiencing a new sense of openness and equanimity, both on and off your mat!


Stretches the hips and groin
Relieves stress
Regulates digestion and metabolism

Key Alignment Points:

Bring shins parallel
Stack knees and ankles
Externally rotate thighs
Keep active feet to protect knees



Step by Step:

1. From downward facing dog, step forward into half pigeon.
2. Bring your back leg around to the front and stack it on top.
3. Push both feet forward until ankles and knees are stacked and shins and parallel.
4. Lift your hips and untuck your tail.
5. Draw shoulder blades together to open heart and straighten back.
6. As you are able without pain, reach forward and rest over your shins.

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Spring has arrived – it’s time to add some fun and playfulness to your practice! This month’s Pose of the Month is Flip Dog. Get ready to flip and open your heart to new possibilities! See ya on the mat!

• Strengthens arms, legs and core
• Is a great balance between power/strength and freedom

• Bring your feet about hip width and parallel
• Press into your lower hand
• Lift your hips up high
• Let your head drop back

1. From down dog, lift your right leg, bend knee and rotate open.
2. Keep rotating until you can gently land your right foot on the floor.
3. Set your feet hip width and engage your thighs.
4. Extend your right arm over head, spreading your fingers.
5. Ground your left palm and engage your shoulder blades.
6. Keep extending right arm, turning left palm to progress to wheel.

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April’s Pose of the Month is dancer pose. Nataranjasana is a balance pose and heart-opening backbend wrapped all into one – wow, what a deal! This month, your YogaSport instructors and assistants will help you find a solid stable foundation and then guide you into increasing expansion and freedom as you work toward your mastery of this difficult asana. By the end of April, you may just find yourself feeling like this pose’s other alias: Lord of the Dance!

• Stretches the shoulders and chest
• Stretches the thighs, groins, and abdomen
• Strengthens the legs and ankles
• Improves balance

• Inner side of arm reaching for foot faces outward
• Standing leg solid and engaged
• Shoulders and hips square
• Heart open and drawing upward

1. From Tadasana, bend your right arm at the elbow and bring it out to your side, palm facing up as if carrying a serving tray.
2. Extend your right leg behind you and grasp the inner edge of your foot with your right hand.
3. Reach your left arm skyward.
4. Ground down through your left foot and engage your left thigh.
5. Press your right foot into your hand to extend your hip back and heart forward. Gaze out over your left hand.

You will experience Dancer Pose in every Power Flow class this month. This program will help you learn and master the chosen asana.

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August Pose of the Month: Revolving Half Moon

August is here! This pose appears less frequently in our routine practice, but has amazing benefits for the body and mind. During the month of August, your YogaSport teachers and assistants will guide you into a more powerful, lighter Revolving Half Moon as you access less-used muscles in your ankles, thighs, hips, and glutes. You will also rinse and wring out your internal organs through this deep standing twist AND challenge your mental focus.  See below for key alignment points and step by step directions for building your Revolving Half Moon.

• Strengthens ankles, legs and glutes
• Increases balance
• Rinses internal organs

• Square your hips to the earth
• Straighten your legs
• Lift your chest up in line with your legs
• Press your back foot to the back of the room

1. From Airplane Pose (right foot standing), place your left hand on the ground, or a block, a foot in front of your big toe.
2. Extend your right hand to the sky.
3. Press your right foot down, straighten your standing leg and lift your standing (right) hip as you draw your left hip down.
4. Lengthen the crown of your head forward and twist, stacking your right shoulder over your left.
5. To challenge your balance, gaze up to your right thumb.


Member Spotlight: Hunter Read

NaHunter Read 2me: Hunter Read

Day Job: Architectural Associate

How long have you have been practicing at YS? About 6 months

What is your favorite YS workshop or class? Every class, because I learn something new every time!

Name one thing you consider yourself to be very good at: Building and repairing things / Problem Solving

What’s the number one yoga pose you just love to practice? Crow

Why did you start practicing yoga? I was out of shape and my sister got me a GroupOn for Christmas

Who inspire you the most? My brother. He has taught me to be strong willed and persistent in anything I set out to do and I would not be where I am today without him.

What do you just love about YogaSport? All the friendly people of course !

What’s your guilty pleasure? Dr. Pepper and sour candy

Furthest city traveled: Berlin, Germany

What is one thing we don’t know about you that would surprise us? Sailing is one of my favorite pastimes and I hope to sail the world one day!