October Pose of the Month – Wild Thing


Wild Thing! You make my heart sing!  This month’s pose of the month is: Camatkarasana, also known as Wild Thing. During the month of October you will experience Wild Thing in every Power Flow class. Read on for alignment points and step by step directions to enter a masterful Wild Thing.

• Opens chest, hip flexors, and front body
• Strengthens back, legs, and shoulders

• Place the outer edge of your foot on your extended leg onto the mat and flex your foot
• Draw your arm overhead
• Drop your head back and gaze forward
• Engage your back muscles in and down

1. From Side Plank on the left, lift your right leg.
2. Plant your right foot onto the mat behind your left calf.
3. Extend your right arm overhead.
4. Press your hips up and draw your chest open to the sky.
5. Gaze forward past your fingertips.


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