Membership Policies

Welcome to The YS Family! We are so very excited that you have joined the studio as an official member. Please read on for a detailed description of your membership terms. Here’s to many sweaty, fun and inspiring practices together.

Membership Terms
  • For regular memberships, you must be a member for a minimum of four months.
  • Warrior Members much be a member for a minimum of twelve months.
  • There are never any sign up fees.


Membership Cancellation Policy
  • You must be a member for a minimum of four months before a cancellation request can be processed.
  • Warrior Members, you must be a member for a minimum of twelve months before a cancellation request can be processed.
  • To cancel, we require a 30 days written notice emailed to
  • Once you cancel, you will be billed one final payment and will have until the next billing cycle to enjoy your yoga practice at YogaSport.


Membership Freeze Policy
  • To freeze your YS membership, you must email a written request to
  • YS memberships may be frozen for a maximum of two months.
  • Frozen memberships will be billed $10 each month to maintain the YS membership for up to two months.
  • After two months, the autopay will return to the regular monthly membership fee.
  • You must request a freeze at least five days prior to the billing cycle you would like frozen. We cannot prorate freezes.
  • Freezes cannot not be applied to any prior payments.

Member Spotlight: Randy Paggi

DSCN0114 Name: Randy Paggi

 Nickname: I don’t really have a nickname but some people call me RP at work.

 Day job: My day job is a FedEx driver.

 How long have you have been practicing at YS?  I’ve been practicing at YogaSport for about  3 and half years.

 What is your favorite YS workshop or class?  My favorite class is the Tuesday night class at 5:00.

Name one thing you consider yourself to be very good at: This is kinda weird, but I am good at cleaning and being organized.

What’s the number one yoga pose you just love to practice?  My number one pose is tree, it’s this feeling I get trying to stay balanced and breathe.

Who inspires you the most and why? The animals I see at Dog and Kitty City inspire me the most because when they come to the shelter, either from the kill shelter or from of the street, they still have this unconditional love. That just blows my mind away to think how lucky we have it. I can’t forget the staff either – they are our heroes.    IMG_4383

Why did you start practicing yoga? I started practicing yoga because of my physical job at FedEx. I want to make sure I can perform my job at my best. I also realized this is helping me take a different approach as I get older in life.

Why do you still practice?  The thing I like about coming to YogaSport are the faces…..

Spill – What’s your guilty pleasure?  My guilty pleasure… there are a few but the one that stands out are Reeses Peanut Butter Cups , dam those commercials, lol!

What’s the best dish you can cook? I don’t really have a favorite dish, but one that stands out is a chicken dish with white wine, lemon, and capers. Yummy!

What is one thing we don’t know about you that would surprise us? I think I am a shy guy.

Mac or PC? Mac baby.


10 WHOLE Years Slideshow

You gotta watch the transformation and growth of YogaSport in this slideshow prepared for the 10 year birthday celebration! Check it out below…

10 Years, 10 Lessons

Today YogaSport turns 10! I wrote a blog post about some of the lessons I have learned over the years. Enjoy sweet yogis! Love, Angela

10 Years, 10 Lessons on


Recent blogpost about Angela on genpink!

Oak Lawn Yogi Takes Her Practice National

by Nelli Tokleh

Recently, I connected with Angela Wagner, owner of YogaSport, an Oak Lawn yoga studio. I love practicing yoga, so I was excited to learn that Angela is taking her local practice national with two new yoga DVDs.

Empower Flow Yoga

I usually pack a fitness DVD when I’m traveling for work or school, so I can squeeze in a workout while in my hotel room (great idea, right??) And if you’re at home, you won’t need to leave the house to work up a sweat and get fit!

I tried out the videos last week and highly enjoyed it! Angela’s techniques are easy to follow, but she challenges you to take your moves to the next level. The moves implemented in the video helped me practice my flexibility and also shed lots of calories. I prefer fast-paced yoga in general, so these practices definitely got my blood pumping.

Each DVD is sold for $25, and you can purchase them online. While you’re on the website, visit Angela’s blog to learn more about her exciting yoga journey.

Here’s a summary of the two DVDs:

Power Flow Yoga

Power Flow Yoga: All-Levels with Angela Wagner features a full 50-minute Power Flow Yoga practice and guides viewers through a comprehensive power yoga practice with sun salutations, twists, standing postures, balances, backbends, abs and floor stretching. Accessible to all levels, the beginner, intermediate and advanced variations of each pose are demonstrated. Bonus features include step-by-step instruction on breathing, high to low push up and Downward Dog.

Empower Flow Yoga

Empower Flow Yoga: Intermediate Level with Angela Wagner, features a full 60-minute Power Flow practice that expands upon the all-levels DVD and emphasizes breath, quickly flowing movement and creative transitions between poses. This DVD is appropriate for anyone currently practicing power yoga. Bonus features include step-by-step demonstrations of Leap Frog Handstand and Forearm Balance.

More about YogaSport:

YogaSportLogo1YogaSport, a community-based power yoga studio in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas, opened its doors in 2004. The studio is Dallas’ only Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Affiliate, a practice developed by Baron Baptiste. YogaSport offers a “non-pretzely” practice, more vigorous and fast-paced than traditional yoga, comprised of a flowing sequence of poses to get students’ blood pumping. The studio offers classes for all ages and abilities and prides itself on being accessible to all.

(Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of the DVDs, and all opinions are my own.)

Read the blogpost on genpink, here


(Dis)comfort Zone by Jenny Hansen

Jenny Hansen shares her experience of Teacher Training in the Spring/Summer of 2013 in a series entitled The Mirrored Mat: Reflections on Life and Yoga.

It’s mid-morning on a Friday in May, and I’m sitting at my desk at the office, slowly gearing myself up for a yoga-centric weekend: 22 hours of it, to be precise. Another Teacher Training weekend at YogaSport is on the schedule, beginning with this afternoon’s 5:30pm Hour of Power, and concluding at 6pm on Sunday. Hours and hours of sweat, strength, thought and emotion lie before me, and it will be a tough run – one that will leave me feeling like I didn’t get a weekend come Monday morning. One that will result in a large pile of sweat-soaked laundry and dirty Tupperware. One that I will complain about to my boyfriend, likely more than once. And one that will leave me incredibly fulfilled, stronger, and profoundly grateful.

Yep, despite all the so-called “drawbacks” of sacrificing my precious weekend to the rigors of Teacher Training, I am downright glad to be doing it, and in all honesty, kicking it at the yoga studio will do more for me than my typical weekend routine, which involves lots of sleep, junk food and TV…and quite often, very little yoga.

But truth be told, there is part of me that would rather spend my weekend, sloth-like, holed up in my apartment with back-episodes of Breaking Bad and binge-worthy amounts of sugary-salty vittles vs. growing spiritually, physically, emotionally with a powerful group of like-minded people. I would rather lay low than reach high: This is what I know, this is what I’ve done – for years – and it has become my default setting. This is my comfort zone.

Comfort zone: I have a love-hate relationship with the phrase. It denotes a preference for stagnation, a refusal to experience life in favor of the familiar, and for me, the familiar is frequently unkind. Sure, comfort zones can keep us safe and secure until we’re ready to grow, ready to take that next step forward, but in my case, my comfort zones (yes, zones) are a big road block to freedom, life, and happiness. And slowly but surely, they’re holding me back, and in some cases, hurting me. Comfort zones are easy, never say no, always put out, and are almost always accessible. But at what price?

Teacher Training has always been “something I was going to do one day,” but year after year, that something stayed on the back burner. I would tell Angela and others in the studio that I was going to do it “this year,” that the time had finally come….and then the time would go. Something would come up, it wouldn’t be the right time, the money wasn’t there, etc., etc. But the crux of the matter was that I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone and try something new – something that I knew I would enjoy and where I would flourish. It was simply easier to push it off, yet again, and go back to life on my couch. Teacher Training will always come around again, right? No need to rush these things. Now where’s my remote?

A creature of habit, I am. And change does not come easily for me. Yet, when I stop to consider all the times in my life when I have summoned the courage to take that first step, to try, when I was willing to be willing…the results were truly amazing, and frequently pivotal moments in my life. Taking my first step with a running group. Turning in my resignation at an unfulfilling job. Walking in to my first 12-step meeting. Online dating. Showing up for a free beginners’ class at YogaSport. All of these events, and many more, have done more for me as a person than ANY amount of TV, sleep, and junk food ever will. Had I not been willing to step out of my comfort zone, I would never have experienced a spectacular starlit-tapestry of a sky while doing a nighttime trail run in the Texas Hill Country. I would not be employed at an amazing company surrounded by wonderful people. I would not be living a sober life in recovery. I would not have met my best friend and boyfriend who I love dearly. I would never have discovered a truly special yoga practice, nurtured and loved by a precious community in a growing studio. And I would never be in the position I’m in right now: on the cusp of a Teacher Training weekend, with much sweat, fatigue and joy ahead of me.

These things have not been easy for me: what if I look stupid when I run? (I really thought this). What if I can’t find another job? What if yogis are weird? What if it’s hard? I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time asking myself the “what ifs” and deciding that the unknowns were a good enough reason to stay within my comfort zone. But that only works for so long, and ultimately, I bottom out. I become miserable, withdrawn, depressed, and fall further into myself. Experience has taught me that I can either continue to sink, or learn to swim, and these life events have increased my buoyancy tenfold.

I’ve tripped over my own two feet and looked stupid when I’ve run, I’ve romanticized addictive behavior, I’ve been to plenty of interviews where I did not get the job, I went on some doozy first dates, and lord knows I’ve run into plenty of weird yogis. And YES, it’s ALL been hard. But I’ve also stayed the course, and increased my happiness and understanding of the world more than I could’ve dreamed. It is scary, it is the great unknown, it is not a sure thing…but stepping out of my comfort zone is a raw, vulnerable act that shows me who I am and what I am capable of, and I cannot think of a more pure, personal experience. It has enhanced my existence, my relationships, my spirituality more than anything else I’ve done, and I cannot imagine my life without this path.

It’s progress, not perfection, and believe you me, I have comfort zones that are alive and well. But I also have awareness, and willingness to entertain the idea that the unknown doesn’t have to be a bad thing. That it might, in fact, be a good thing.

As for today, when quitting time rolls around, I will not begin preparations for a night in, complete with junk TV and junk food. Instead, I will be on my mat, likely silently cursing the instructor as s/he orders an extra set of abs, sweating my ass off, hair disheveled, my face beet red with exertion and heat, perhaps looking stupid, but loving every damn minute of it. I will share openly with my fellow teachers-in-training, I will listen to their wisdom and their strength, and I will relish the experience. We will spend the weekend together, growing edges, growing ourselves, laughing, crying, living. My couch will be empty, but I – my heart, my soul, my life – will be full.

Helping our ‘hood become the healthiest in Dallas!

YogaSport was featured in Friday’s Dallas Morning News’ Park Cities/North Dallas Neighborsgo edition as a staple in the healthiest neighborhood in the central Dallas area! Our own Daniella Giglio was quoted several times, as well as our fabulous owner! Read it below or click here to read on


Published: 31 May 2013

Daniella Giglio often finds peace of mind while bent over in downward dog on a mat in a 90-degree, second-floor yoga studio.

Poised above Gloria’s Restaurant and Bar in Oak Lawn, Giglio has made the short drive to YogaSport from her Turtle Creek apartment the last four years to sweat and stretch her stress away.

An event coordinator for Sewell Automotive Companies, Giglio calls the studio a hidden gem in the area that connects a neighborhood of mostly apartment, condo and townhome dwellers.

“When you look at places like Highland Park, you have houses and streets that connect those residents. Where we live, our community happens in social activities, and for many people, that’s where you work out,” said Giglio, 32.

A neighborhood where many young professionals like Giglio rent, health venues like gyms, studios and trails crowd the Turtle Creek and Oak Lawn area, catering to this demographic and also to its population of empty nesters and families.

The area was ranked the healthiest neighborhood in the Park Cities-North Dallas area, according to an analysis by The Dallas Morning News.

In The News’ analysis, factors considered included pollution levels and access to trails, gyms, studios and grocery stores. The length of the trails was also weighted.

The neighborhood is bound by Armstrong Avenue to the north, the Katy Trail to the east, Cedar Springs Road to the south and roughly by Douglas, Avondale, Oak Lawn and Wycliff avenues to the west.

Residents and neighborhood business owners say it’s an area widely perceived as populated by the active and health-conscious.

Almost four decades ago, owner Mark Herrin opened Sundrops Vitamins and Nutrition in the neighborhood’s western corner on Oak Lawn Avenue.

And there’s been a ripple effect.

A block north, Equinox built its first Dallas location on that same street before expanding to Preston Hollow.

And nine years ago, Angela Wagner, owner of YogaSport, sought out the rent space above Gloria’s on Lemmon Avenue.

At the time, she said there weren’t any power yoga studios in the Oak Lawn area.

“I was looking to go to an area where there would be a lot of people interested in fitness and wellness,” said Wagner, who described her vision of a “homegrown” neighborhood studio. “That area seemed to be pretty hot, and it seemed to fit a niche it didn’t have.”

Besides White Rock Lake, Wagner and Giglio said the Turtle Creek corridor and the tree-lined Katy Trail are the only other expansive green oases in the city.

And one day, these pockets of nature could all be connected.

Robin Baldock, executive director of Friends of the Katy Trail, said construction of Phase III of the Katy Trail’s master plan is under way by the city of Dallas. Once finished, it will connect the 30-acre park that runs through the city’s densest neighborhoods to its counterpart along White Rock Lake.

Baldock also said the nonprofit — an advocate for support and funds for the trail — anticipates completing the remaining three-quarters of soft surface from Blackburn to Knox streets in the next year.

She said the group is working to garner about $5 million in funds to finish the project and add a few more entrances to complete the trail’s master plan.

According to the group, the trail connects 125 acres of urban parkland to more than 300,000 residents who live within a mile of the trail.

About three years ago, the Beasley Entrance at Hall Street was completed to bridge the trail to the Turtle Creek Corridor.

It’s a link that’s united areas and increased traffic along the creek’s greenbelt, said Don McDermett, chairman of the Turtle Creek Association’s board of directors. The association is charged to work with the city to maintain and fund projects along the creek.

“The two together are an incredible combination,” McDermett said. “The combination of the trail and the Turtle Creek’s scenery make it a desirable place to run and bike.”

In the last year, McDermett said the association has invested more than $100,000 in a new irrigation system for the medians along the creek and new landscaping.

He said it’s an investment he hopes will cure an ongoing problem of replacing dead plants that don’t survive summer’s scorching heat.

In April, the association raised $90,000 in gross revenue from its home tour. He said the association’s board will identify projects in the next few months to invest the fundraiser’s dollars.

One project could include further developing a tract of grassy land off Hall Street across from Robert E. Lee Park into an urban playground.

“In urban areas, that’s all you have,” Giglio said of exercise outlets such as the Katy Trail, Turtle Creek Corridor and Yoga Sport. “They connect the community. Other than work, that’s one of the most frequent places you go.”

Neighborsgo reporter Nanette Light can be reached at 214-977-8039. Data analysis by staff writer Daniel Lathrop.

Art of Assisting FAQ

Written by YogaSport Assistant Jenny Mizutowiczangela_erinh

So you’re thinking about being an assistant, or taking the weekend training, huh? While many of you can’t wait to get your hands on assisting (no pun intended), some of you may have hesitations about what is expected of you, the experience required and what comes after the Art of Assisting workshop. As someone who has attended the workshop, completed the Teacher Assistant Program (TAP) and is part of the assisting team at YogaSport, I encourage you to put your hesitations aside and give it a shot. Here are some FAQs we’ve been hearing around the studio.

1. When is the training and what does it include?  The Art of Assisting workshop is Friday, April 19 – Sunday, April 21. The weekend-long workshop will introduce you to assisting by explaining key anatomy and alignment, demonstrating assists for postures included in the Baptiste Power Vinyasa sequence, and allowing you to gain experience by practicing the assists yourself. A comprehensive assisting manual is included with the training and we highly recommend reading and owning Journey into Power as well.

If you enjoy the workshop and feel that assisting is something you’d like to pursue, you have the option to apply for the TAP program at YogaSport to join the team of assistants.

2. Do I have to be “really good” at yoga to be an assistant? No! There is no ego in assisting. To illustrate this answer, come watch me in a yoga class. It will give you solace, as I am not a super awesome yogi. Assisting is more about understanding alignment and empowering students to grow in their practice rather than being “good” at yoga. In fact, assisting will likely give you a better feel for yoga alignment, thereby improving your own practice.

3. If I take the Art of Assisting workshop, do I have to commit to assisting? No, YogaSport does not own your soul after the workshop. 🙂

4. If I decide that I DO in fact want to be in assistant, what is the process like after the workshop? How long does it take? The weekend workshop will provide you with a basic overview of assists as well as resources to study. The Phase 2 Program begins with a minimum of five one-on-one assists with fellow assistants. You will need to complete at least one of these a week although some people choose to do two to three a week so they complete the training faster. A one-on-one assist is what you see going on in the back corner of class every now and then when one person is assisting another in a class. Once you complete your one-one-ones and are cleared by an assistant Team Lead, you assist Angela, the “gatekeeper”.

5. What are the benefits of assisting? Besides feeling really awesome and sharing, you do get a few extra benefits when you are an assistant at YS. You get a membership discount, 20% off retail products, discount on Level 2 Empowered Advanced Assisting (will be offered this fall!)

6. What is my commitment once I become an assistant?  You will commit to one regular class on the schedule (two if you like!). We ask for a minimum commitment of six months but honestly most of our assistants stay for much longer. We have had some people assisting for over three years!  Also, you will assist one night of a beginner series class for each series that we have which is usually about 4-6 times a year.  We also have occasional meetings and trainings which always involve laughter, sharing and usually cupcakes and champagne.  The essentials to any good training.

7. Why do you assist? Assisting yoga is an act of giving. The feeling you get when a student makes an “Aha!” expression after being guided into the correct alignment or smiles and sighs upon receiving a back rub is extremely rewarding. I assist because I enjoy helping students grow in their practice and because it’s my way of giving back to the assistants who empowered me in my practice the past few years. Not to mention, it’s an honor to be part of this team of bad-ass yogis at YogaSport!

And if you don’t believe me, we asked other YS Assistants why they assist. Here’s what they had to say…

“You get to interact with people in a completely selfless way, with no regard for yourself really but with total regard for them. The feeling you will get from helping students through this experience, especially if they are newer and struggling, is immeasurable.”- Christopher, current YS Assistant

“Assisting allowed me to share my love of yoga with others and helped me become so much more aware of how I could deepen my practice in a way that was safe for my body.” – Shannah, current YS Teacher, assisted for over 3 years

“I love(d) assisting because I love being assisted and love the idea of offering that to someone else… Also because it gets me all the way out of my own headspace in service to others in a way that even being on my own mat doesn’t.” – Shannon, current YS Teacher, assisted for 2 years

“I love that our assistants have the intuitive capability to guide us into the fullest expression of our poses. I assisted because I enjoy helping others and wanted to give back any and every bit that I could.” – Morgan, current YS Teacher, assisted for 1.5 years

“The main thing I love about assisting is staying connected to the community.” – Whitney Yelm, current YS Assistant

“I started assisting because I loved the feeling of connecting with other yogis and helping them to grow and enhance their practice. But what I found was that, at the same time, I was also becoming more connected with myself and growing and enhancing my own practice as well. And it’s fun!” – Evelyn Roland, current YS Assistant


YS 40 Days Testimonials & Press

YogaSport has been rockin’ the 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program since our teacher Baron Baptiste wrote the original book. We are seriously old school and proud of it! We love this program, we love our students and we invite you to join us on the journey. Here are some testimonials from past participants as well as articles written about our awesome program.

D Beauty YS 40 Days Article

YS 40 Days Article D Beauty

Living Fit 40 Days Article

YS 40 Days Article Living Fit







If the links do not work in your browser, you can find the D Beauty Article here and the Living Fit article here

“I had an absolutely fantastic experience with YogaSport and the 40 Days Program. I was a true beginner, I had never been to the studio or practiced hot power yoga before I signed up. I felt I was coasting through my life and needed a push out of my comfort zone back to participating in my life, so when I saw the program on-line I knew it was the push I needed.

After the first class I fell in love with my yoga practice. I now know why it’s called practice because each day is truly a learning experience, especially when you go from 0 to 5 days of practice a week. I was skeptical about the meditation. I didn’t know how I was going to stay still for five minutes let alone 30 but I found myself looking forward to that peaceful part of my day. After just one week I had an amazing feeling of lightness in my body and spirit, I felt more centered and connected to my life.

I got so much from the group classes I can’t even begin to list. I found my true self and took a look at who I really am, not just what I want people to see. My accountability group was the best, they encouraged me to answer questions I hadn’t thought about or hadn’t wanted to face.

The community at YogaSport is so welcoming, it’s a little piece of bliss in a busy world, each time I walk in the door. I have already inspired people in my life to make changes and at the end of my 40 days I can honestly say I am Joyous and Triumphant.”

Rachel D. –Fall 2010 and Jan 2011


“We had such a great 40 Days Program meeting this past Tuesday. There was so much love and warmth in the room, it was amazing. As I was driving home last night, it occurred to me: if every single human being could have attended our 40 Days to Personal Revolution session, there would no longer be any hate in this world, nor war. I felt such a sense of joyfulness and lightness, and I am working to hold onto that feeling. My perception was that the entire group felt totally connected. It seems that everyone really got something out of this program, whether it was realizing little idiosyncrasies, or working through emotions that had been previously difficult to face. The non-judgmental atmosphere during our weekly meetings was refreshing and so welcoming. Personally, I loved every minute of it.”

Marla B. – 4 time participant


“I absolutely LOVED the 40 days workshop. I learned so much and not just about the material in the book but about myself as well. The program and the people helped me to try some things I never would have tried on my own and I found them easier than I ever thought they would be! The two big hurdles for me were the meditation and fruit fast. The idea of sitting still for even 15 or 20 minutes just freaked me out. But I did it and I started to see the benefits of taking those moments to get more centered and focused. The group is another thing that you just can’t put a price on, in my opinion. There was so much support throughout the whole process. Part of what I learned was that it’s okay not to be perfect and we all celebrated our successes and empathized with our struggles together. As for the fruit fast, I really didn’t think that I could eat nothing but fruit for 3 days – I mean COME ON! But I did it. I didn’t even have Diet Coke which I never dreamed was possible. And I learned that I don’t need all of the things that I have convinced myself that I need. This is a GREAT lesson that I will carry with me forever. But the best part was (and still is) coming into the studio and feeling like I belong, like I have friends there who care about how my day/week is going and people who want so many good things for me. When people hear us talking about the 40 Days Program, they get so excited and share their experiences and the studio becomes such a sanctuary. And isn’t that why we were all attracted to yoga in the first place? THANK YOU!”

Evelyn R. –  3 time participant

“Angela, AWESOME class tonight and GREAT 40 Days meeting. Everyone was really alive! I just wanted you to know that this 40 Days program is already a success for me…I see where this path is leading me in just one week. It is equal parts of excitement, fear and relief. Here’s to a fun ride! 😉

Thank you for ALL you do. I am forever grateful for your spirit, caring and the haven that is YogaSport.”

Stacy O. – 3 time participant


“I gained a lot from my experience in the 40 Days Program this winter. Previous to the program, my life had been quite out of balance, and it felt as if my world was totally up-side-down. I had left a job where I had seniority and started at a new company for a better opportunity, better benefits and a raise, only to be laid off six months later. I also had a new mortgage that I was worried about considering my job-less state. Luckily I found a new job, but I was still really angry at the situation and life in general. To top it all off I was experiencing a lot of drama happening with my friends and family. I felt truly unbalanced. Rebecca told me about the 40 Day program, and I thought it was exactly what I needed.

The 40 Days taught me that I have to meet life on it’s terms and not my own. I also learnt I had to take care of my needs before I could take care of other’s needs and realized that this is not selfishness but finding self. I have noticed now that there are some friends that are no longer truly friends and I am fine by that because those relationships were toxic. The biggest challenge for me now is in finding relationships that don’t lead me to compromising who I am. For the first time in my life I am connected to my essence, and I actually like it.

All said, I am excited about the next 40 days because I am certain there will be new horizons and new challenges. I also wanted to thank you for your studio and for offering this program.”

Mark B. – Jan 09


“I just wanted to thank you for everything. This experience is truly life changing and I am getting more out of it than I ever thought possible.”

Jordan S. – 5 time participant


“The lessons I have learned (in the 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program) have been revolutionary! I really feel like the program toned everything in my life: my body, my spirit, my relationships, my job. I learned to recognize my own needs, accept them, and take care of them. I learned to be more present in everything I do. This means I can actually finish a project without interrupting myself, get out of my head when I’m telling myself all these excuses about why I don’t want to do something and either just do it or decide it’s better not to, listen to the families I work with without thinking about the 10 other things I need to get done, truly focus on my 5 year old niece when we are playing together, and meditate. I learned how to balance nutrition even more in my life and recognize when and why I’m eating certain foods and to stop when I’m full. I made friends through the journey and learned that even on those days that I wasn’t able to follow through with my commitment, there was still support there and to not beat myself up about it. This program not only gave me a great sense of accomplishment, it gave me a different way to live. I have been so grateful for the experience. Thank-you again Angela for your commitment to it!”

Mandy E. – Jan 07


“I had a great experience following the 40 Days to Personal Revolution plan. After spending the last 30+ years being accountable to everyone else (parents, teachers, employers, etc.) it was enlightening to be accountable to myself for a change. I lost more than 10 pounds and I’m more committed to my yoga practice than ever. If you’re looking for a way to change your life for the better, you need to try this program. Trust me when I say the 40 days is just the start. This will impact you forever.”

Lisa G. – Jan & Oct 07


“I really enjoyed the 40 Days Program. I actually look forward to doing it again later to see what else will come from it. My yoga practice feels stronger, and my poses are improving, as I learn to better understand my space and my body on the mat. In addition, I am committed to continuing my meditation practice. The nutrition aspect of the program addressed why I eat what I eat and taught me how to make better choices for my body, spirit, and mind. If I got one thing out of the 40 days, besides weight loss, it was truly committing to being me.”

Lisa J. – Jan 08


“Angela, I just wanted to email you to let you know that the 40 days went very well. Sam was such an effective leader. She let us become the group that we needed to be and to take from the 40 day program what each of us needed to take from it. I found myself looking forward to coming to our Sunday meetings just to find out how everyone’s weeks had gone and to share our victories and our struggles. The 40 Days Program created such a great small community within the larger YS Community! It also helped me to learn to bring my worries, my anxiety, and my stress to the mat and to leave it there at the end of each practice. 40 Days helped me to finally start to see what I need and what I don’t need in order to live the life that I want. I just loved it and can’t wait to do it again!!!!”

Bekah F. – Jan 08


“The structure of the 40 Days program helped me to focus on different aspects of my life so that I could make positive and lasting change. The yoga helped me gain strength and concentration and the meditation helped me take a more introspective look at my self. The program can change how you live your life.”

Renee A. – Jan 07


“Angela, I just wanted to share that I found the 40 days program both physically and mentally challenging. It was a true wake-up call for me. Specifically, I learned new eating habits, the power of meditation and how to unleash my career potential. Sometimes you have to stop what is not working to move forward. I would say my friends are taken aback by my new confidence and bold belief in myself. Lastly, I would like to thank Sam for her outstanding facilitation and encouragement of the 6 week program. She was great!”

Kelly M. – Jan 08 (now teaching at YS and facilitating this program!!!)

Angela's Blog Has Moved

Angela’s Blog, life, unscripted, has moved to her personal website. Find her new posts at her new website and specifically her blog here.  She promises to write more in 2013. 😉